ForzaTune 7 v5.3.2 (Paid)

ForzaTune 7 v5.3.2 (Paid)

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Looking for a tuning calculator to use with Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4? You found it. ForzaTune has been trusted by Forza players since 2009. Don’t settle for anything slower.
With ForzaTune 7 you get:

+ A tuning calculator that matches your car, your driving preferences and the road surface.
+ Tuning support for Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4.
+ Tune options including dry, drift, drag, rain, rally, and off-road.
+ Aero recommendations for each track in Forza 7.
+ Gearing calculator to keep your car in the power band when you make big upgrades.
+ Ability to quickly save, search and update tunes for other tracks or build types.
+ Free tutorial videos and link to our driver training programs.

What makes a great tune?
A great tune has to match the car, driver and driving surface. Other calculators use base tunes or pre-canned tunes. ForzaTune 7 is the only tuning calculator that adjusts to the car, driver and driving surface.

How does this app work?
ForzaTune 7 uses a detailed physics model to create stable and fast setups. This model, along with a database of 10,000 vehicle data points, means you get more accurate tunes faster. You also have the option to adjust car balance if you prefer more stable or more aggressive setups.

Download ForzaTune 7 now to tune and drive faster. Or keep reading to learn more…


Q: Is this for beginners or experienced tuners?
A: Both. Experienced tuners use it to save time and make extensive use of the tune customization abilities. New tuners use it to break into the world of tuning. If someone recommends “learn how to tune” this is actually the best place to start.

Q: Why is tuning your cars important?
A: Suspension settings start to mismatch as you upgrade a car. ForzaTune brings everything back to a stable, balanced setup. Also, tuning doesn’t affect your PI or race restrictions — so it’s one area where you can find a real advantage over other racers.

Q: How do I use the app?
A: Copy several car details from the game into ForzaTune, hit “Next” and copy the results into the tuning menu in Forza 7 or Horizon 4. Drive and adjust if you want to change the natural “personality” of the car. We also have a series of video tutorials on YouTube to get you started.

Q: When should I use the gearing option?
A: Select the gearing tune option if you add a turbo, supercharger or perform an engine swap.

Q: What settings and upgrades do I need?
A: You will need racing upgrades like suspension, braking, and anti-roll bars, and differential to change the values in the tuning menu. You can also use drag, rally and stock adjustable suspensions. Examples of stock adjustable include off-road buggies and some trucks in FH4. You will also have the best results if you disable stability management (STM) and traction control (TCS) for lower class cars. Normal or simulation steering is fine.

Q: What is included?
A: ForzaTune includes dry, rain, drift and drag presets plus gear tuning capability. It also includes rally and off-road options for Forza Horizon 4. With ForzaTune your results are powered by 10,000 data points manually collected for each vehicle in the game and 190,000 track measurements used to profile each track in Forza 7. There is nothing like it available in the Forza community. ForzaTune also gives you the ability to save and search your tunes, change display units and more.

Q: What about aero and tire widths?
A: You no longer need to enter downforce values. Instead you get a recommended downforce amount based on your track. ForzaTune 7 will also account for most tire width combinations automatically.

Q: What if I need help or have a suggestion?
A: Please send an email using the link in the main menu. ForzaTune wouldn’t be what it is today without the Forza community’s input, and you can count on a personal response from the developer (that would be me, Anthony).

WHAT’S NEWLooking for a Forza Horizon 5 tuning calculator? ForzaTune Pro now supports the latest Horizon. This update adds the remaining barn find vehicles, and updates rally suspension tuning. Look for ongoing updates to keep pace with new cars, and any tuning differences for Horizon 5. Thanks to everyone providing feedback with a special shout out to ForzaTune users Jaime, Liam, Drew, Matt, Brandon, Neal, Chad and Luke.

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