Hermit MOD APK v23.0.0 (Premium)

Hermit MOD APK v23.0.0 (Premium)

Hermit — Lite Apps Browser APK Review

Hermit Mod APK Premium is a web browser app that similarly to Google Chrome, allows you to create ‘lite’ versions of tons of apps – developed straight from their own websites. Basically, you’ll be able to create a shortcut for each website and create an icon that matches all of the webs features easily accessible in one spot.

By default, Hermit Apps Browser allows you to create ‘lite’ versions of popular applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin, or Uptodown. These special tabs within your browser (that’s essentially what they really are) are perfectly customized with the color theme for each website. You’ll get to activate or deactivate all kinds of features like Adblock (activated by default) or incognito browsing (also included by default).


Hermit speeds up your browsing while also protecting your privacy.

  • No Ads. Not even in the Free Version.
  • Ad Blocker: Makes all web pages lean, tiny, and beautiful again.
  • Popup Blocker: Prevents unsafe and deceptive sites from opening new tabs or vibrating your phone.
  • JavaScript Blocker: makes most pages load faster.
  • Data Saver Mode: Speeds up browsing by reducing image size.
  • Privacy Focused: No ads, no behavior tracking, no personal information collected.
  • Phishing and Malware Protection: Hermit blocks any attempts to install native Android apps & integrates Google’s, Malware Blocker.
  • Incognito Keyboard: Any site URLs you type will be marked private by your keyboard, and not used to personalize auto-completion.
  • and more …

Hermit Premium Apps Browser is an especially useful app for users on Android devices that aren’t as fast. Thanks to its features, you’ll be able to have dozens of apps that take up about the same amount of space as one single app.


— Built for Android 11
— No major changes
— Keep this app updated regularly to continue using Hermit Premium!

MOD info

● Premium features Unlocked
● Early Access Program Unlocked
● No Unlocker Needed
● Analytics Removed
● AOSP Compatible

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