Kakoke-sing karaoke, voice recorder, singing app v4.9.7 (PRO)

Kakoke-sing karaoke, voice recorder, singing app v4.9.7 (PRO)

Download Kakoke: sing karaoke MOD APK

Kakoke-sing karaoke, voice recorder, singing app All karaoke songs in the world!
The easiest way to sing better if you think you have bad singing voice
Improve your vocal tone
Kakoke-sing karaoke FEATURES

★ Sing karaoke online and offline
★ Voice recording with high quality
★ Sound effects like karaoke room
★ Edit vocals before and after recording
★ Turn on microphone and you can hear your voice
★ Save, restore and backup favorite songs
★ Real time audio effects: echo, reverb, bass, mid, treble

★ Sing and share your songs for the world
★ Download the songs of the users you love
★ Sort and search songs by country
_ Ranking by top songs, top karaoke, top singers, top comments…

Fast, convenient, easy to use

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WHAT’S NEWChange the ad interface to be more friendly
Change top photo page to browser history page

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