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Learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, and English with Lingvist – a hyper-efficient vocabulary builder that uses AI to improve your memory.

Study Spanish vocabulary: 5,934 words
Study French vocabulary: 5,093 words
Study German vocabulary: 4,723 words
Study Russian vocabulary: 4,462 words

What is Course Wizard?

Lingvist’s Course Wizard lets you quickly create, customize, and share the vocabulary course you need. It’s smart and personal, with features that will help you add words, choose example sentences, and share your creation with anyone you’d like.
When you add words or a piece of text to Course Wizard, it intelligently creates a course from your idea, presenting example sentences and stitching everything together. That way, you can learn what interests you immediately – and you can share it with friends too.

Our 40+ Spanish, German, Russian, French, and English linguists, data scientists, and developers have combined the latest research in machine learning with our industry-leading language courses.
Lingvist APK Features:

– Adapts to your level in real time
– Learn practical vocabulary (5,000+ words for paid users)
– Flashcards with example sentences
– Created by language specialists
– Native-sounding virtual voice
– Speech recognition for hands-free learning and pronunciation
– Track and measure your progress
– Course Wizard (NEW!) – learn what you want by creating your own vocabulary course.

Course focuses (our themes) in Spanish:

– General Spanish
– A Holiday in Spain
– Talking Football in Spanish
– Business Spanish
– Colors in Spanish
– The Human Body in Spanish
– Animals in Spanish
– Fruits in Spanish
– Medical Spanish
– The Family in Spanish
– Your Home in Spanish
– Clothes in Spanish
– Travel in Spanish
– Love in Spanish

Course focuses (our themes) in French:

– General French
– A Weekend in Paris
– Love in French

Course focuses (our themes) in German:

– General German
– Talking Football in German

Course focuses (our themes) in Russian:

– General Russian

Special Estonian 100-Year Celebration Course (100 words): If you are planning a trip to Estonia, this mini-course will give you the vocabulary and cultural know-how to fit right in. Register to view the course.

Grow your vocabulary and learn a language faster than ever with Lingvist’s cutting-edge technology. Start learning a language today!

To support users from all over the world, Lingvist for English vocabulary is available in 11 different languages: Estonian, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified).

WHAT’S NEWChanges and improvements. Do you like them? So do we. Keep your updates turned on and keep on learning!


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