Photo Vault PRIVARY Hide Photos, Videos & Files v3.1.2.7 (Premium)

Photo Vault PRIVARY Hide Photos, Videos & Files v3.1.2.7 (Premium)

Download Photo Vault PRIVARY:Hide Photos, Videos, Documents MOD APK

Privary Mod APK is an app that creates a virtual safe where you can store any personal photos or videos, and keep them away from prying eyes. Not only that, but you can also securely store PDF documents, MP3 audio files, and more, as well as create as many folders or subfolders as you want.

Open Privary, and you’ll first need to choose a password for the app. Remembering your password is very important, as it’s the same password you’ll use to open the virtual safe where you will store all your sensitive files. And once you’ve put something in the virtual safe, it cannot be accessed from outside it.

Out of all the features Privary has to offer, two really stand out: you can completely hide the app, so other people won’t even know it’s installed, and you can create “fakesafes”, that you can show someone if they if they insist on seeing what’s in your safe.

Overall Privary is an excellent virtual safe for Andoird, that offers a completely secure place where you can store any sensitive or secret files. You can even take photos or videos right from the app and they’ll be saved as protected files.


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This update improves the performance and sd-card support on Android 11 and 12.

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Photo Vault PRIVARY:Hide Photos, Videos, Documents MOD APK Info:

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