Poweramp V3 skin $Yaps$ – Alternative v167.0 (Paid)

Poweramp V3 skin $Yaps$ – Alternative v167.0 (Paid)

Download Yaps MOD APK

Poweramp V3 skin $Yaps$ is so configurable that most (if not all) the features the other skins offer can be achieved.

Important notes:

It has been found that the app will not install on Huawei devices with Android v7. Later versions are fine.
Poweramp V3 skin $Yaps$ Features
Over 100 colors to choose from
Toggle Waveseek, show the default, static waveseek or divided waveseek bar
Hide/show the seek bar
Hide/show waveseek
Toggle the Spectrum show the sound Spectrum at the bottom of the screen
Configurable Album art animation when swiping left/right
switch off album blur background so that the selected background color shows
hide album art altogether
round or square album art, you define the corners
select circle or square shape around labels
select the color of the text to be used
select the color of track and Album/Artist
Set different fonts for the app, track title, and album/artist
size the text from small to large
set the color of icons
set color of circles/squares
set the color of the navigation bar icons
set the background color of android navbar and status bar, including transparent
select the background color of the navigation bar
select the color of the circles or squares around buttons
select the overall background-color
a choice of several different background patterns
a choice of sets of several different play buttons
a choice of different types of knobs and buttons used in the equalizer screens

WHAT’S NEWFurther layout fixes for Samsung Z Fold3
gold knob indicator was not showing on some knobs
Improved contrast of Gold waveseek colour
Added gold theme to seekbar
Added gold theme to gradient background colours
Added gold colour range to app background colours

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