REFACE MOD APK – face swap videos v1.35.1 (Pro)

REFACE MOD APK – face swap videos v1.35.1 (Pro)

Download Reface: Funny face swap videos MOD APK

REFACE Mod APK face swap videos is an original tool that allows you to create your own deep fakes right from your smartphone. Compiling your new videos at lightning speed, it’s easy to stitch your face onto a variety of scenes that come preset within the app.

From the main menu in REFACE Pro APK face swap videos, you’ll find each of the available videos you can use. One nice feature is that all the videos are already sorted into categories including; Star Wars and Game of Thrones, so you’ll have no trouble finding a funny clip from your favorite TV shows and movies. That said, in order to begin using your ‘fakes’ you’ll need to take a quick snapshot — be sure it’s properly resized and sharp — so that the app’s algorithms pick up your facial features and line them up correctly.

Once you’ve chosen one of the scenes in the app, all you have to do is tap on the template to select the face you want to modify and stitch over it with your own liking. And this crucial point is — exactly — where a subtle sort of brilliance sets in. REFACE Pro APK face swap videos is capable of quickly re-working the original clip to adjust it to fit in whomever you choose. From there, it’s up to you to decide where to save your video — as a GIF, in your smartphone gallery, or opt to post it onto Instagram directly.

REFACE Premium APK face swap videos is one of those uniquely efficient apps that allows you to take on the guise of an entirely different person to see a modified version of yourself. All it takes is a quick selfie for this tool to whip up fun (and freakishly realistic) deepfakes sure to shock any of your acquaintances.

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