Shazam Encore Pro APK v12.1.0 (MOD)

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KinScreen automatically keeps your screen on while you’re using your phone, but turns it off more quickly when you aren’t to save power.

Is your screen turning off while you’re reading? Want to turn your screen on without the power button? Want better battery life?

This makes it extremely convenient for you while improving battery life. No more touching the screen to stop it from timing out!
KinScreen Features

• Turn screen

Download Shazam: Discover songs & lyrics in seconds MOD APK

Shazam Encore Pro MOD APK is an American application owned by Apple Inc. The application can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on the device. The software is available for Android, macOS, iOS, and watchOS.

In the mod version of Shazam Encore, the country restriction has been removed  Enjoy it

Shazam Encore Pro APK is an excellent application that helps us find out the title of every song at the moment you’re hearing it.

The only thing you need to do is hold your Android phone close to the source of the sound and wait about five seconds for it to process the song. Right after, and without the need of being silent, the program will tell you the exact title of the song you were listening to.

The database of the program recognizes songs from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra or Spice Girls. Nothing or almost nothing escapes the app, thanks to its huge music database.

Shazam Encore Pro is quite useful for music lovers because you can often find yourself in a situation where you hear a song that you don’t recognize. So with a simple movement, you place your phone close to the source of the sound to find out the title of the song and listen to it as much as you want.
WHY YOU’LL LOVE Shazam Encore Pro APK
Find the name of any song in seconds.
Listen and add to Apple Music or Spotify playlists.
Follow along with time-synced lyrics.
Watch music videos from Apple Music or YouTube.
New! Enable Dark theme on Shazam.

 NEWThanks for Shazaming! We’re always working hard to make the app faster and better than ever. Update to the most recent version to enjoy the latest and greatest Shazam.

Don’t forget to keep your Shazams safe and in sync between your devices. Simply create an account and we’ll back up your Shazams so you’ll never lose them.

Love the app? Rate us! Your feedback is music to our ears, and it helps us make Shazam even better.

Shazam: Discover songs & lyrics in seconds MOD APK Info:• County restrictions removed
• Ultra compression
• Remove additional resources on with a wave
• Turn screen off with a short timeout when in pocket or face down
• Keep screen on just by holding device
• Keep screen on while using certain apps
• Keep screen on while charging
• Keep screen on while on a call
• Keep screen on indefinitely with a widget, QuickSettings toggle, or notification
• Set a separate timeout for the lock screen
• Set a maximum time to keep the screen on
• Works in the dark
• No ads
+ many more…

The settings are highly customizable to your taste. KinScreen is constantly being improved. Over the years it has evolved to meet the needs of many user requests!

Once you install KinScreen and see the benefits, you will immediately notice it missing on a new device!

Customer service is a top priority at TEQTIC. If you experience an issue, please use the contact menu option inside the app or email before leaving a negative review! We usually reply to all emails within 48 hours, and often much quicker.

How It Works:
• Motion – The display is kept on by small movements detected from you just holding the device. When motion is not detected, the screen will time out quickly to save battery. Motion is ignored when the device is resting flat so that the screen can time-out on a moving surface.

• Proximity – The screen will time out quickly when the proximity sensor is covered so that you don’t have to manually turn it off before placing the device in your pocket. The screen may also be kept on by waving over the proximity sensor. You may also turn the screen on by waving over or uncovering the proximity sensor. Save the wear and tear on your power button!

• Tilt angle – The screen is kept on by tilting the device above a chosen angle from flat.

• While in call – Use this option if you like your display to remain on while the phone is on a table in a call. The display will still turn off when you place the phone to your ear.

• Battery friendly! The service is designed to be as efficient as possible. It uses little CPU and RAM, and sensor use is highly optimized.

• Start it once and forget it! It will not interfere with any other apps that already keep the screen on.

• Watch what it does in real-time! The status bar icon changes based on if KinScreen is keeping the screen on, timing out, or turning it off. Inside the app, the colored statuses at the top give you even more insight into what KinScreen is doing. A green status is keeping the screen on, a red status is turning the screen off, and a yellow status would be keeping the screen on but there is another rule preventing it.

• Motion detection calibration: After installing, please set the device on a very stable surface, tap calibrate and wait 10 seconds for KinScreen to automatically fine tune the motion sensitivity for your device.

Beta testing program:
Would you like to receive more frequent Beta updates? You can opt in and out at this link:

Translation credits:
Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian – Stefan Alidini
Polish – Ciupku
French – Younes El Karama
Russian – Sergei Gatitulin
Portuguese – Adalberto Fontenele
Hungarian – Andras
Romanian – Andras
Czech – Michal Hamsik
Italian – Francesco Pellone
Lithuanian – Andrius Drumstas
Spanish – Víctor Zamanillo Ruiz

Please email if you would like to translate KinScreen into your language!

WHAT’S NEW6.0.7 (2021.03.26)
-Fixed timeout of 1s possibly keeping screen on forever on Samsung Android 10+ devices
-Fixed flickering with timeouts of 1s on Samsung Android 10+ devices
-Hide clear text button when search field empty

Please view the full changelog by going to Menu -> About KinScreen -> Changelog

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