VMOS Pro v1.5.3 [Mod] APK

VMOS Pro v1.5.3 [Mod] APK


VMOS is a virtual machine app on Android, that can run another Android OS as the guest operating system. VMOS also gives the user the option to run the guest Android as a rooted Android OS. Also the guest Android operating has the Google Play Store and other Google apps.

What’s New:
• Added creation center function, authors can publish, manage works, and withdraw cash
• Virtual machine page experience optimization
• Single view adds penetration operation mode
• 7.1 Lite Edition 64-bit/32-bit, 5.1 Lite Edition replaces Launcher3
• Geek version, Google version ROM update (compatible with Android 11)
• Add power-on password/fingerprint to protect little secrets; (open in password and security)
• Added a switch for the vertical screen mode of the virtual machine (closed will automatically follow the real machine rotation)
• The lite version of ROM can dynamically close the Xposed framework and Google services
• Add a new floating ball menu style
• Add the function of resetting the virtual machine
• Add the function of repairing unable to start
• Google Framework Update;

Mod Info:
⋆ Built-in avatar and name
⋆ Remove the virtual machine to update the little red dot
⋆ Unlocked third-party ROM cannot be backed up
⋆ No login to unlock membership function
⋆ Remove ads
⋆ Remove update prompt
⋆ Download common tools without looking at ads
⋆ Remove forced ROM update
⋆ Free download on ROM market.

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